Worship and Music

The Village Church is an interdenominational church, and we are an eclectic group of worshipers. We pull from different worshiping styles from the vast body of Christ in our service.  

There are two types of worship:

Sunday    9:00 AM Service- Modern music in a responsive worship setting.
Sunday   11:00 AM Service- Traditional Hymns in a liturgical worship setting.

We celebrate numerous musical styles, textures, and genres. Music serves a major purpose in the service and is a vital element in the story of Christianity. Our music is selected to connect thematically to the scriptures provided within the liturgy. Song selections, textures, and styles are given much prayer, thought, time, and preparation. The music ministry's purpose is to enhance the worship experience for our church family, not to take away from it.

Our Choir sings once per month at the 11:00 AM service. We practice each Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the sanctuary. We utilize YouTube and videos of parts to practice individually. This enables you to be confident in your part.

Our Praise Team is a diverse group of musicians from a variety of backgrounds. We lead in the 9:00 A.M. service and are committed to a high quality of musicianship. If you are interested in joining the praise team, there is a lot of commitment involved, but, it is a wonderful one. 

We are forming a Praise Choir for our 9 AM service. If you have never sung in a choir, have been told you can't carry a tune in a bucket, or just want to try something really amazing, consider joining our new Praise Choir. The Praise Choir will begin leading alongside the Praise Team Fall 2022.

There are multiple ways to serve in this wonderful ministry: liturgical dance, singing, instrumentation, audio and visual, administration, and day care. If you are interested in sharing your love for music, please contact me!

Faithfully in Christ,

Nic Patterson
Director of Music and Media