Prayer Wall

Janet Tillman
Greg Kash, recovering from an infection while he continues to wait for a kidney transplant. Brendon Jacobson, surgery today.
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Jim Marshall
Please pray for Judy and Jim's son Randy Marshall who is having surgery next week to remove cancer from his shoulder.
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Jerry Yancey
Please pray for my mother, Jacqueliene Walsh. Hospitalized in Va.
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Ben mansell
Thanks Jesus for my family with myself Ben, Cynthia, Nathan, Rishon and Justin. I pray my home is blessed with harmony and peace. Thank you lord for my work and Cynthias work. Thankyou lord for all you provide and all the love in my home. Lord i pray you let the children Nathan Rishon and Justin feel so loved by myself Ben and Cynthia Praise the Lord Amen Ben viveash western Australia
8 people prayed for this request!